About Angela


My name is Angela. I am a Jesus Follower. I am a wife to a wonderful man and a mother to two sweet baby girls.  I am a sister and daughter, an aunt, and a teacher on voluntary furlough, a worshipper, a crafter, an aspiring minimalist, a journaller, and a happy homemaker.

The Lord has completely changed, restored, and enriched  my life over the years I given him and for that I am overwhelming grateful and completely in love with Him.  It hasn’t always been easy but I feel I’m living an abundant life thanks only to his grace and undeserved forgiveness.

As a child I loved being the center of attention, but as I’ve spent time with Him, the Lord has removed that desire and has made watching and listening much more attractive to me.  I never set out to write a blog, I don’t desire to air my opinions, nor do I think I’m extra smart or interesting.  I do however have stories of things the Lord has brought me to and through and am thankful for the lessons I’ve learned through them.  If my sharing what God has taught me through heartache and failures helps one person trust him, love him, or more heavily rely on him, then writing this blog is exactly what I want to be doing. &  I pray that one person is you.