About the Blog

for it's only inI’ve tasted what the world calls freedom and it was anything but.

I’ve spent years rebelling against what I knew of God to enjoy the “liberties” of life.  I wanted to experience the physical highs and was shattered by the lows. I thought having control of my own life would make me happy and safe, but it only brought destruction and emptiness.

I am so grateful that after years of literally holding a middle finger to the sky and telling God to leave me alone and stop trying to convict me, that he continued to pursue my broken heart, extending amazing grace and providing for me the true freedom I had been seeking.

My hope for this space is that by sharing candidly, myself and readers alike can walk more freely with Jesus, shedding the weights of sins that hold us back.

Walk with me in the pursuit to gain freedom from chosen sins, unhealthy thinking, false beliefs about God, ourselves, and those we love, and justification for settling for less then God’s best.

In waking in obedience to Him, thanks to the sacrifice He made on the cross, we are truly free.