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How embracing my curls is influencing my worship this Holiday season.

Something really cool just happened.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and with enough time to do it, I decided not to straighten my hair.  Now before you click the back button in an attempt to avoid wasting brain cells on some woman’s styling habits, let me take you back a few years and explain.

I was born with my mothers beautiful brown and curly hair.  I wore it down my back as a little girl, and survived washings thanks to the help of the “magic brush”, which was a staple item in all my cousins homes because it got through the tangled curls with a little less pain then the scary brushes dad used.

long hair

Look at those locks! Me, circa ’92?. Credit to my mom for keeping it so well maintained. The same can’t be said for my sister, as per, my sister.

magic brush

The Magic Brush, except it was solid pink. I searched far and wide to find a pink one when my daughter started needing one. I had to settle for black.

dad brush

Dad’s Brush. I think this may be the exact one he had. You didn’t want this within 10 inches of your hair.

I’d assume I enjoyed my curls as much as any other little girl, but when it came to important days like class pictures, holidays, or school dances, there was one wish on my heart, that my hair could be silky and shiny and STRAIGHT.

Because Barbie had beautiful, soft, straight hair.

Because frizz was embarrassing and awkward.

Because mommy blew hers out when she was getting fancy.

Because I wanted hair like the cool girls, Catie, and Katie, and Mary Kate & Ashley.

Since I’ve been old enough to request it, I’ve blown out or straightened my hair for every major life event because I wanted to look my best.  &  My best was not my hair.

first day

Here’s a nerdy one from the first day of 5th grade. Notice the obligatory 90’s chain necklace and the fluff that is my “straight” hair. Technology was different back then. This is my first straightener. It took water, it got stuck, it was weird.

I don’t believe I’m alone. Looking back I remember that other curly friends were blowing out their locks for the Winter Ball, and my straight haired friends would curl theirs on the same nights (which always confused me).

& Then

I had my daughter.

& She began growing her own beautiful, blonde (thanks to daddy), curly hair and I found myself searching for a way to help her love her hair, and in that, to love who she really was, and who she was made to be.

noras curls

It began to impact the way I interacted with my own hair.

So I started trying to wear my hair curly more often (lets be honest, that’s pretty easy to do with a two year old and a baby) but was soon surprised by what took place in my heart.  What started as an attempt to be an example for my daughters, slowly lead to a change in the way I saw my hair, and then myself.  As time passed and photos started collecting showcasing my curly hair I realized that it actually looked pretty nice.  It was a little wild and a little Jersey and a little loud, and honestly, a lot like me.   &  I learned to love it.

“For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I Praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.”

Psalm 139:13-15

(Matthew 10:30 also reminds me that he is pretty familiar with this silly small thing, as the hair on my head. He’s even counted them)

So today I am thankful, because he did care enough to design me the way he did.  It wasn’t an accident, and he didn’t run out of Barbie hair.  I’m thankful because he’s changed my heart about my hair, and I’m thankful because today I chose it, not because I wanted to be an example to my girls, or because a nap had ended earlier then I expected, but because I actually like it better curly. I like it the way God made it.

Now I’m not hyper spiritualizing here and saying we should never change our hair from how it grows out of our heads. I enjoy a silky ‘do’ now and then and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. What  I am praying is that he can open my eyes to more of who I was made to be so I can enjoy ME a little more. I am praying this for you as well.

May we all enjoy the holidays this year as  more authentic versions of ourselves, for our peace and freedom, and for his beautiful  and well deserved glory.



4 thoughts on “How embracing my curls is influencing my worship this Holiday season.

  1. YES! Angela, I love this! Also, I had the exact same straightener. I distinctly remember waking up and hour early on the first day of middle school to wrestle with my curls to get them “straight” (frizzy). and having to keep a water bottle handy to keep refilling that teeny little tank!!

  2. This is beautiful. Even after 53 years I find that I need to love the way God created me and stop criticizing His workmanship!!! God bless you, beautiful in and out, Angela Marie!! You are fearfully and wonderfully made!❤️

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